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貓咪銀河系 / kitty galaxy




我在銀河系裡頭睡著了的貓咪下面寫了這麼一段文字,是從吳阿沙先生的照片那裡看來的,大概的中文意思是:「 要與自己和諧,甚至與包圍著我們的世界和諧」。


the new year is here.

i have a small wish for a long long time, to print the wrapping papers of my own. and it finally comes true.

the kitty galaxy was originally drawn directly on the paper bag for an antique map of paris. both of the map and paper bag were sent from paris by my french man, axel, some years ago. we haven't really met each other in real life yet back then.

i wrote down some lines under the kitty who fell asleep in the galaxy, which i found from axel's old photo, " etre en harmonie avec soi meme et le monde qui nous entoure "

which according to online translator means " to be in harmony with oneself and even with the world that surrounds us "

and this is my new year wish.

- -

備註. 所有宇宙旅行小小雑貨屋的線上訂單的小包裹都將使用貓咪銀河系的包裝紙,如同圖中所示。
note. all of the little packages of your online orders from voyage de cosmos petit zakka store, will be packed with the kitty galaxy wrapping papers, just like in the photo above.